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It is fun for children and adults alike!


This facility is for all adults and children
to have a great experience of Ninja training
in Ninja costumes.

Our real experience program has been completed as we have Ninja RanZan who has been trained in Kyoto in our direction team.

Japanese Culture

You can experience and enjoy the traditional ninja culture


The Ninja Dojo has several tricks inside. You will be training with real Ninja weapons in real Ninja costume.


Plus we will simply give you some Ninja tips. It would be not only fun and exciting but helpful experience in your daily use as well.


The quality photo shooting will be waiting for you at the end!



We have a variety of souvenirs such as Ninja costumes, Ninja books, shuriken from Iga, and more!
We also have original Ninja Yakama-kun goods. Please take a look after your experience.

What you can do at NINJA DO

  • Kuji-kiri
  • Ninja Walk
  • Kenjutsu
  • Climb the city walls
  • Shuriken
  • Blowpipe
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Revolving wall
  • Swordstick
  • Certification

Kuji-kiri (Nine symbolic cuts)

The nine signs are to be practiced and chanted.
The sound “Lin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Letsu, Zai, Zen”. If you want to know about the meaning of these phrases please ask us!

Ninja walk

The ninja also devised ways to walk quietly, like stealthy footsteps.Here, you will practice walking without making a sound. Please try it!


You will learn how to draw and deliver a sword using an authentic imitation sword. You can also receive instruction in simple swordsmanship.
This is a valuable experience that both adults and children will only be able to enjoy here, training with their favorite swords.

Climb the city walls

It's an exercise that tests your physical strength.
You will run up and down the rope like a ninja and cross the rope with power and strength.
Can you clear the rope?


Many people may have a strong image of ninjas as shurikens! However, there is a theory that the actual ninja used stick shurikens, which were made with the pointed tips of chopsticks, as their main weapon. Here, however, you will be throwing real shurikens. Can you successfully throw it in the middle of the target again?


Even children who have never played with a blowgun before can have fun and do well with it! Just aim at the target, blow firmly and try to hit it. There is a theory that the ninja of old used to attack at close range with the poison of aconite in the tip of the arrow. Everyone who joins this lesson is very excited to have this rare experience.

Treasure Hunt

At the end of the experience, you will solve a riddle. You must uncover the hidden code and find the actual hidden scroll of secrets! Whoever finds it first will be closer to becoming a jounin, that they will be!


It is said that ninja disguised themselves as people of various professions. Here, you will be able to use your sword as if you were in a battle to kill the enemies that attack you.
And exterminate the enemies who attack you! This is a very fun and exciting opportunity to take pictures.

Revolving wall

The Ninja House of Hokkaido NinjaDo has various tricks. One of them is this surprise experience.
After spinning around and hiding, go back through several exits!


After all the experiences are over, you will receive a certificate according to your respective grades.
Can you earn the rank of jounin, chuunin, or shinobi?

About experiences

Ninja Experience


100% satisfaction rate! After 5 years in business, our authentic ninja experience is enjoyed by all visitors.
Our authentic ninja experience, which has been in operation for 5 years, is enjoyed by all visitors.

Adults, children, and foreigners alike enjoy this unusual activity that they cannot usually experience.
We will continue to make daily efforts, practice, and devote ourselves to the experience so that everyone can enjoy this unusual activity.


sword fighting Experience


This is an experience specializing in sword fighting, with kind and careful instruction in basic footwork, stance, and swinging. The instructor is Kisuke, who also teaches at a sword fighting school.

Private lessons in action and swordsmanship for cosplayers are also available.
Please feel free to contact us.


Time Table

1ST 10:00 2ND 13:00 3RD 15:00 4TH 17:00
4 years old and up
Max. capacity
Up to 10 persons
per session
Time required
Approx. 1.5 hours

Sword fighting Lessons

Adult Lessons


Every Wednesday from 19:00 to 21:00

Monthly Fee: 6,000 yen

Kids Lessons


Every Friday from 17:30 to 19:00

1000 yen per time

Maintenance fee 1,000 yen/family (once a month)

Hold a presentation once every three months

Sword fighting Lessons Meet the Instructor



Born in 1987 in Hokkaido, Japan

  • Joined “Iaido Club” in high school

  • Learn “Iai” for 3 years.

  • After graduating from high school, 18 years old, he started performing “Tate” (sword fighting)

  • For about 10 years, he was active on the stage of Date Jidaimura in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido.

While teaching a sword fighting class, at the Hokkaido NINJA DO!, he has performed at various events both in and outside of Hokkaido.

鎌倉もののふ隊(武将隊) 殺陣指導

北海道忍者道 殺陣教室開講






What’s Ninja

Ninja has its roots in “Shinobinomono=Ninja” who had actually existed from period of the Warring States to Edo period.

In the Warring States period continued for 150 years from the late 15th century, a Ninja is a spy who played an active role under feudal lords. Art of stealth (i.e. Ninjutsu) includes not only combat skills which are likely to be in the limelight, but also the skills to collect information and build human relationship. It was the teachings for avoiding unnecessary battles and acting efficiently based on accurate information. Ninja may be close to the present CIA agents or 007 James Bond. Taking charge of information is the real nature of Ninja. Ninja support someone from behind scenes and make the world go around by analyzing, receiving and giving, and manipulating information even though Ninja do not emerge on the center stage of history. Ninja’s philosophy like this is still applicable to the present day.

To learn more about the Ninjas, check this out!

Book to be a Ninja!

Booking are accepted from a minimum of two people.
Subscription basis: Closing is at 22:00 on the day before or
when the maximum number of participants is reached.

You can also make a reservation by phone

Tel: +81-11-676-9719

In addition to the experiences at our facility,
we also accept business trip ninja lectures, experiences, shows, etc.
We are always ready to welcome you!

Feel free to contact us!

Customer Testimonials

M Momamu
M Momamu
自由研究で「忍者について調べたい」という子どものために、期間限定の「冬休み自由研究プラン2021」に参加しました。 正直マンガや時代劇でしか知ることのない忍者を、どう調べたらよいのか、検討もつかず困っていましたが、到着後たった5分で不安は解消されました。 厳選された資料を一人一部ずつ頂き、忍者服に着替えてカラクリ屋敷で忍者先生からお話を聞くという「座学」、 手裏剣投げや忍び足など、子どもが一度はやってみたい「実技」、 他にもたくさんの内容が盛りだくさんな上、大人も興味を持てる現代に通じた知識などを交えて教えて頂きました。 帰りに忍者グッズをいくつか購入させて頂きましたので、自由研究の発表までに練習しようと思います。 とても充実した体験で、子どもたちは「次も行きたい」と大はしゃぎでした。次回は本体験や殺陣も挑戦します!
Charles Hardmon
Charles Hardmon
Loved the Ninja training for my kiddos! Lots of fun and had a bunch if laughs during our training session. Loved throwing Ninja Stars. Very professional.
Gena Armstrong
Gena Armstrong
This place is very easy to get to via subway and then city bus, using the IC Card the whole way. The experience itself is FANTASTIC! You start out with a cultural lesson on ninjas in a perfectly decorated traditional setting. We went with our 7-year old and he loved it! Yakama-sensei is so professional, with great English and sick/legit ninja ability. It's such an impressive treat just to watch him demonstrate, but then! The whole family gets to try blow darts, shuriken, katana, and MORE! It's so fun. The coolness of this, for people of any age, cannot be overstated.
I worked here part-time a couple of years ago as a driver and interpreter and it was SO MUCH FUN. Seeing both parents and kids enjoy themselves was the best part. Yakama-san is great and really does his best to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. Highly recommended!
African Symbol
African Symbol
I had a great experience out there!! Ninja outfits and Samurai sword ! Is the real things!
Yuta Tanaka
Yuta Tanaka
I had so much fun. You can learn some ninja things and you can get ninja souvenirs. Also, what I was surprised is that there are many English speaking workers. They can help you if you can't speak local language. You must check it!!
Nara Lee
Nara Lee
Had a great experience at the Ninjado! Lots of fun getting into the ninja clothes and learning about the ninja lifestyle as well, everyone in my group had a lot of fun and we were laughing and smiling the whole time. Really gets you talking, especially after being hyped up at the start hearing about and watching a video about ninjas. Communication was simple and easy and we spoke in English for the session we were at. Got to try some weapons and the ninja master was very cool and engaging, great energy. Even some people who were hesitant at first ended up really enjoying it! I definitely recommend the experience!

Meeting Point

For reservations, please come to the dojo in Toyohira-ku


〒062-0903 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Toyohira-ku, Toyohira 3 Jo, 8 Chome−1−28 BUIEBuilding B1F

No regular holidays