Special ninja week2020


We have been doing this year! Ninja Day Campaign!
This year, from February 12 to Saturday, February 22 for 10 days only! !
Ninja experience with 100% satisfaction is available at a special price!
Experience content is the same as usual. Become a ninja on this occasion!

In the remarks column of the reservation form
* Please enter Ninja Day Campaign
Reservation required. After changing to a ninja costume, perform various training contents (classroom training, nine-character self-defense method, walking method, back flipping, swordplay, wall climbing tightrope, shuriken, blow arrow, mock battle, hideout, sneaking treasure search, etc.) You.
After completing all the training, you will receive a certificate for each level, “Shinobi / Chushinin / Shinobi”! After the experience, you can also take photos using swords!
Feel free to contact us!
● Business hours: 10:00-$ 13: 00-$ 15: 00-$ 17: 00-$ 19: 30-
* The required time is about 1.5 hours.
● Regular holiday: Thursday
● Maximum capacity: 10 people ※ Reservations for 7 or more people, please feel free to consult with groups.
Reservation should be made as soon as the capacity may be full and we may not be able to meet your desired date and time! ! !
TEL: 011-676-9719

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