The end of the year and new year business notice

There are still 6 days left this year!


Thanks to the visitors who enjoyed the snowscape in Sapporo and the winter sports ,the ninja experience was full in these several days.


Very busy and prosperous on the streets in Sapporo The Ninja Experience in Hokkaido is still open until December 31, so be sure to come to join us during the winter vacation!





December 31, 2018: The experience starting at 15:00

*Do not start the experience starting at 17:00


January 1, 2019: Resting all day January 2-9, 2019: Special business is open on the first month (open every day!)

*Business hours are the same as usual at 10:00/ 13:00 / 15:00 / 17:00

*The experience that started at 13:00 on January 5th is a special event “Knowing the Secrets of Ninjas! Free exploration of Winter Holidays”. In order to hold this event, there is no usual experience open.