【Toyohira ku Youth Baseball We are in ceremonial opening pitch】


【Toyohira ku Youth Baseball We are in ceremonial opening pitch】

The other day, we went to the opening ceremony and the ceremonial opening pitch at the Toyohira ku Youth Baseball Autumn Meeting! We Hokkaido Ninjado got this opportunity as a sponsor! We would like to organize a ninja baseball classroom in winter as well! Hokkaido Ninjado will always support our baseball boy!

<The next major arrangements>
1st October – 8th October Opening anniversary ceremony Those who come to our experience can get a gift!!

6th October Saturday Business travel-Ninja Show & Merchandise and Experience
@ Sounkyo hot spring special site
Ninja Show 19:00〜.20:00〜

7th October Sunday Business travel-Ninja Experience @Atsumacho

8th October Monday 2nd Ninja Sports Competition @Ninja House
Reservation accepting!! 13: 00 〜 17: 00 〜

In addition to the usual booking, Business travel-Ninja Experience, Ninja Lecture, and the Ninja Show are also being accepted!!

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Phone: 0118152677
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