Ninja DIVED into Sapporo blue sky!


The captain ninja YAKAMA tried #TVtowerdive in Sapporo TV Tower last week!
He used “飛翔の術” Ninja diving trick to dive into Odori Park in Sapporo downtown.


You can actually DIVE from the top of the 4th floor-27m high and land on the soft floor-looks like a dome- safely.
Plus it costs only 1,200 JPY for this unforgettable experience!

Check the details below and Go try!



When we went up to the stage, YAKAMA wasn’t really scared of doing this but it scares me -holding camera behind him- so much!

It is really fun and makes you feel refreshed after seeing this stunning view of Sapporo from Sapporo TV Tower.

This is one of the SapporoMustDo things when you have a chance to get there under a clear sky!

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