Ninja Garbage Pickup

Some of our ninjas from
Hokkaido Ninjado showed up and did the “Ninja Garbage Pickup” event in the Odori park holding one of the most popular spring events “Sapporo Lilac Festival” !

The ninja appeared around the Odori park on the last two days of the festival, May 26th (Saturday) and 27th (Sunday).

On Saturday, we had an interview by the local TV program then they broadcasted in a news in the evening!




On Sunday, we showed up in Odori Park West 9th street.

We hid behind the shadow of trees with children chasing us, picked up garbage in lively and fun way with quick movement.





We’ll run this “Ninja Garbage Pickup” event occasionally, so please feel free to say hello to ninjas when you see them somewhere else next time!




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From June the 1st, our new “Night Ninja Experience” program is opened and you can enjoy the experience start from 19: 00 !


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