Ninjas from HOKKAIDO NINJA DO! have sneaked into Tea Ceremony Ren -located near Nijo Fish Market in Sapporo downtown!





We had trainings of Japanese Tea Ceremony and Designed Japanese Calligraphy.





You can rent a Japanese kimono / Yukata / Jinbei at Tea Ceremony Ren.

Since there are many colors and styles, it will be fun for you to find the one that fit you the best!

A cup of Japanese tea that you have made your own does taste amazing for sure.






In designed calligraphy experience, we have tried this artistic and free styled way for the first time.





It was a great experience even for ninjas who were born in Japan, all of us had a interesting and fun time to express the feelings and senses!






Tea Ceremony and Ninja Experience in Sapporo.

The city is getting more interesting, and also easier to explore Japanese traditional culture for all generations.

Both of them are really good as activities for families or the one on a rainy day.







「Tea Ceremony Ren」(Holiday:Tue, Wed)

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