【The curling Ninja showed up !】

The Ping Chang Olympic Games, which have attracted worldwide attention, have ended!


The women’s curling team from Hokkaido, “SODANE, Japan” still occupies the top of the topic.


The residual temperature of the Olympic Games has not been declined.


The other day, ninjas from Hokkaido Ninjado have showed up at a curling field in somewhere in Sapporo!





Ninjas who dressed up in black are very outstanding in the white icy field.





After a simple warm-up, we started personal exercises and team games.






The “Skating Ninja” who was the heated topic during the Sapporo Snow Festival, thrown the stone in the field.





Then the other ninjas have to be struggling to catch up the curling stone with all their strength in slippery shoes, “sweeping”!




The battle conference after the throwing was also very serious.




After the end of the exercise and competition, it comes to “yummy time”!




Ninja Yakama is eating the “HyouRowGan”, one of the ninja special dishes, which has been handed down from the ancient times.


HyouRowGan is a kind of food pellet used in the Warring States period which is easy to carry and preserve.


In addition, it is one of the most important foods for the ninja who needs to carry out the task.


In modern times, the culture of HyouRowGan has been inherited and developed, and its recipes have also become diversified.





Not only can you charge energy, it’s also delicious!





In fact, you can experience the fun of the curling all the year as the curling field open all the year.


The curling and the Ninja experience in Hokkaido have aroused attention of all parties, let us try these unique indoor experience in Hokkaido!