【Daily Ninjutsu / Chapter 6 – Nine Letters Protection – 】

22nd February (Thursday) -“Ninja day” is getting closer!

In this day, the expense of ninja experience will be 【2,222 JPY (tax include)】 for both adults and children!

Our Ninja is also trying to practice, waiting for this annual special day!


So, today the ninjutsu I’m going to introduce is “nine words protection”.

This is the first content of ninja experience.

“Nine words protection” refers to, make different gestures of “臨・兵・戰・者・皆・陣・烈・前” to make enchantment to protect ourselves.

It reminds me when I was little I often cross my fingers to make a frog or dog, which made me thought this ninjutsu must be easy, but actually it is not. In addition, you can also exercise the muscles of your fingers which you don’t use usually.

Of course, in our dojo, after learning the meaning and practice of each gesture about nine words protection, we will also teach you (HAYAKUJI) which is much easier.

We will patiently guide the child ninja so that they can grasp the tricks quickly, so don’t need to worry about that.

22nd February (Thursday) Ninja’s festival reservation opened already.

The quota is limited, make sure you get the place as soon as possible!