【2018.02.22 is The World Ninja Day! 】

The Ice and Snow Festival is over, and middle of February already passed.

The Ninjas continue their way of practicing in cold weather!

So, do you know what festival is coming in February 22nd?

February 22nd = 2. 2. 2 = NIN. NIN. NIN!

Yes, you can learn by pronunciation that February 22nd is the “Ninja day”!
You may be considered it as a cold joke, but in fact, this day is officially recognized by the Japanese Memorial Day Association.

Our Hokkaido Ninja Road, will
provide a preferential price for the guests on Ninja Day which is on February 22nd (Thursday)!




◎General expenses◎

1 adults, 5000 yen / 1 children, 4000 yen (including tax)


◎Ninja Festival price◎

For all the guests : 2222 yen/each (including tax)!




◎About the appointment◎

Official website:


Telephone: 0118152677




Please contact us after you confirmed the name of the representative. / experience time / guests number.
※February 22nd(Thursday) was rest day for our dojo but we will offer you the special ninja experience for the festival!

※The timetable and experience are the same with usual.

All of Japan is carrying out propaganda activities for “Ninja Festival”, click the link below if you are interested.