【Daily Ninjutsu / Chapter 5 – Japanese Fencing -】

Today is the last day of the month!


Hokkaido is still covered with snow now, just in the middle of long winter.


In addition, it is said that the full moon can be seen on the last day of the month.


So, what I want to introduce to you today is “fencing”!


Both children and adults who had longed for ninjas and samurai were very fond of this item.

Many adults with children who took part in the Ninja’s experience exclaimed, “want to have this experience when I was a child.”



Of course, the sword we use in experience is just imitation tool, but the weight and shape are identical with the real one.


Child ninjas can use special designed sword made by lightweight material, female ninjas can use short edition imitation tools, male ninjas are using heaviest imitation tools.


In Hokkaido Ninja dojo, we will not only teach you how to use sword, but also the differences between Samurai sword and Ninjas sword, and the way of fighting between ninjas at that time.



The samurai sword and the Ninja sword will be placed side by side for guests to find the difference between them.



The guests are very interested in it!


Even for local Japanese, it is difficult to experience fencing and Ninja practice.


For Indoor activities in winter such as company entertainment, Valentine’s date plan, etc., Hokkaido ninja do could offer you good memories for college students’ spring vacation.