【Daily Ninjutsu / Chapter 4 – Blow Gun -】

A big winter event – Sapporo Snow Festival is about to start!


The main venue is located in Ordori Park, now you can vaguely see the snow cubes are carved into a variety of shapes which means they are almost completed.


Our Ninja also made enough preparations for the busiest week in Hokkaido!


Next, let me introduce the ninjutsu “blow gun”!



In fact, we will ask guests which item in experience is the most interesting one after the experience finished.  Well, the most popular one is “blow gun”.


Maybe you will have a question: “isn’t it shuriken?” But for many visitors, blow gun is easier to aim the target than that shuriken, which will gave them a sense of achievement when they see arrows swished hit the target.



The blowgun used in our dojo are divided into two types, children and adults.

Each of them is real exist before.


In particular, the long and weighty arrows used by adults can make people feel nervous only by holding them in their hands.



The winter in Hokkaido is still very long.


But joining Ninja experience is not restricted by the weather and traffic conditions, you can join at any time, don’t miss the chance!