【HAPPY Ninja Year! ~ Daily ninjutsu / chapter 4 – Shuriken】


Since the opening of “Hokkaido Ninja do”,  all of us-Ninjas have continuously strengthened ninja skills and spent a really exciting year.

So far, many reservations have been received. It seems a year of 2018 will be a very busy and happy one.

Our ninjas in dojo are focusing on practicing Ninjutsu every day, this year as well.

Of course, we all wish that guests who visited us last year and also who are now willing to visit this year will have wonderful moments in 2018!

So, the first chapter of a new year, is the world famous and popular ninja item “Shuriken” !

In our dojo, Little Ninja -aged under 12 years old- will use plastic ones and adult Ninja use iron ones in a training.

The plastic one is in cool black color.

And the iron ones are very heavy!

When people talk about how they throw a shuriken, the way Ninja HATTORI-kun always does – we call it “side-sliding”  is very famous, but it only appears in the comic world.

In reality, ninja will wave right arm up and throw it down with proper strength.

Most of the guests have never tried this but it is not a big deal, the captain of our Dojo YAKAMA will teach you kindly!

It can be like throwing a dart or throwing a baseball.

On the basis of throwing skills, try to explore a suitable method for yourself!

Furthermore, you will also have opportunities to see* original Shuriken (made of pure iron) used by Ninjas in the Warring States period which is very rare to have a look in Japan as it is so real.
*irregularly note


The winter vacation of the Japanese school has come to an end.

The limited activities ‘parents-children experiencing’ special for Hokkaido residents also will over in the end of January.

Why not have a special Ninja experience at this time and leaving an unforgettable memory in your life?

The Ninjas are looking forward to the arrival of everyone!